With the momentum of modern society. The people that society most sexually obsessed over are celebrities of the arts and now enhanced by the architects of the digital arts.

The invention of the modern form of arts has assisted people in many ways: In building construction; Fitness; Social building; and even created near immortal machines. As to if this will assist people in the search for immortality, connecting to another dimension beyond this physical vibration, or taper down pandemics, recessions, and wars, we will see... Nonetheless, people have become lazy and are unable to use our psychokinetic power at a good level. So yesterday was a good time power-up, but today is just as good a time.

Psychokinetic power also known as the Dark Hadou has been a source of many mysteries... Spirituality, Medicine, Sexuality, and beyond... Creating peace in the world... And to the Stars...


(( * ))